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Health and Safety Post COVID–19 Event Recommendations

Social Distancing


Thermal cameras/scanners at points of entry.

Queue lines with floor markers indicating 6’ distances.

Registration badges mailed in advance to attendees.

On-site registration to be self-check-in as the primary option.

QR Codes sent in advance so that attendees use a phone and touchless system to obtain badge on-site.

Install plex glass dividers in areas where staff and attendees need to exchange information or be in close contact.

Consider “signing for” policy to reduce the sharing of devices.  (i.e., UPS drivers currently request if they may “sign” for you.  Thus, eliminating physical contact of their handheld device and/or pen).

Visitor health declaration.

Trade Show Floor

Thermal scans/temperature checks at sign-in desks.

Safety speech and handouts before the start of each shift to the crew.

Provide PPE to the crew.

Sanitize “stations” throughout the show floor during set-up and tear-down.

Union and management staff to monitor rules are being abided.

Widen aisles based on expected attendance (3 people for every 100 gross square foot of exhibit space used).

Spread inline booths apart where space allows.

Set-up one-way aisles so that attendees are moving in the same direction.

Eliminate aisle carpet so that floors can be scrubbed at the event close daily.

Place 6’ markers key locations around the tradeshow floor where lines could generate (i.e., management booths, check-in areas, food, and beverage centers).

In the hotels, lobbies, and tradeshow floor, set-up signage indicating what steps your organization has provided to ensure the safety of the attendee and exhibitors. Also, have signage reminders of essential CDC Guidelines that apply to gathers of 10 people or more.

Make regular announcements reminding attendees about the social distance recommendations and hand washing.

Set-up stations where attendees and exhibitors can pick up face masks and/or gloves. (Consider having masks sponsored/branded.)

Place handwashing stations throughout the exhibit hall and lobbies.

Educate employees, exhibitors, and attendees ahead of the meeting.

Reduce Tradeshow Hours to allow for sanitization and hygiene breaks or possible split tradeshow hours to allow for two cleanings per day.

Health Monitoring

Set-up temperature check stations at the hotel and/convention center

General service contractors and hotel associates should also temperature check their staff workers daily.

Consider event mobile apps that have GPS COVID–19 contact tracing capabilities.

Encourage people who do not feel well prior to the event to cancel their trip remain home.

Cleanliness and Sanitizing

Create procedures for sanitizing equipment after an event. Tag sanitized equipment per EPA Guidelines.

Ask your GSC, convention center, hotels and/or event venue what cleaning materials they will be using to clean carpets, hard surfaces, rest rooms and other public spaces to ensure public areas where the coronavirus can sit are sanitized and the virus is killed after each cleaning.

Publish the plan, and share it with staff and attendees.

Offer Sanitizing Services to exhibitors through the GSC.

Set-up hand washing stations throughout the meeting space.

Assign a dedicated staff member to ensure and police sanitization plan.

Utilize UVC lamps in warehouses and event facilities.

Communicating the Plan

Place signage throughout the airport, hotels, and convention center reminding people to keep physical distance, wash hands, and use PPE. Provide signage that states what the organization is doing to keep attendees safe at the event.

Make verbal announcements via intercom systems at convention centers, tradeshow floors, hotels and other event venues.

Promote social media communications before, during and after the show, sharing safety messages.

Food and Beverage

Change the meal format from buffets to boxed meals.

Set-up environments where attendees can eat while still social distancing.

Place handwashing stations in areas where people will be eating.

Provide plastic and disposable utensils and packaging.

Share published food safety plan shared with delegates.