May 8, 2020

Updates: What a Difference a Week Makes

Thanks to your support, and your savvy use of our social sharing tools. We’ve added over 600 new members to the coalition, and we are now over 2,000 strong!

Your social media efforts are part of why our coalition is growing so rapidly. Since the official launch of Go LIVE Together (only 16 days ago!) we’ve had nearly 100,000 visits to the website. This week alone – 5,500 came directly from social media. The bigger our voice the more likely we’ll be heard by stakeholders, so please keep up your efforts.

The most commonly asked question from our members is, “How can I help?”

Until now, it was to help us spread the word about the coalition. While it has been important to continue to build momentum in support of our legislative requests, we have another immediate request:

Help us define the true impact of our industry.

  • If you’re an event organizer, do you have any data on what sponsors or exhibitors have said they’ve seen in return on investment from participating in your events?
  • If you’re an exhibitor or corporate marketer, what has been the ROI you reported from your portfolio of events and exhibits?
  • If you’re an association, do you have stories to share about how your event contributed to innovation and discoveries, new research, funding for valuable research, reductions in time to market for critical new drugs?

Please send a note to sharing any data such as ROI multipliers or studies you’ve completed. Of course, we will aggregate all information and not share any uniquely identifiable data as we build our impact study.

Next, I wanted to share an update on our areas of focus:

  • Health & Safety: Lots of great work happened here this week. Several partners have come out with safety guidelines, which we’ve updated. Please check it out, and see the great work being done by coalition partners to help our industry open safely!
  • Communications: Go LIVE Together and its partners are making waves in the news. We’re posting content as we receive it, so please keep the good news coming!
  • Legislation: Word from Capitol Hill is that we are well-timed. Democrats in the House are working on a Phase 4 stimulus package, and the Senate has reconvened in Washington, D.C. There will likely be a healthy debate between both sides in the coming weeks. But thankfully, our asks have great appeal on both sides of the aisle. We’re actively soliciting lobbying support to help us refine our asks and build an effective strategy.  

If you missed it, we’ve added new content to It was a very big week for our industry with significant progress:

  1. UFI publishes a structured framework for the reopening of exhibitions
  2. Germany Separates Exhibitions from Mass Gatherings
  3. PCMA COVID Recovery Dashboard: What’s on Planners’ and Supplier’s Minds?
  4. US Chamber of Commerce - State by State Business Reopening Guidance

And for those of you who have not yet read Howard Givner’s piece titled, “When & How Will the Events Industry Get Out of This? 3 Phases to Look For.” It’s worth every word!

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