May 22, 2020

Tony Lorenz Highlights Go LIVE Together

Industry leader, CEO of HeadSail, LLC, Tony Lorenz shares positive messages with the industry about the power of togetherness from a variety of sources including Go LIVE Together:

  • “Competitors have signed up and have been great partners. Everybody understands that we are in this together, in acknowledgement of what a great industry the events industry is, and how much it can contribute to economies in helping the recovery.”
  • “While we can’t be there in person this year, we will still come together for our industry on Global Exhibitions Day to advocate for exhibitions and events, which are vital tools for the success of our free enterprise economy.”
  • “The GBAC Scientific Advisory board, composed of experts from Harvard, Penn State, and Emory universities, as well as governmental agencies, developed the STAR program.”
  • “Recently, there have been several recent significant steps taken that indicate a path forward here in the United States for the trade show industry to start up again soon.”
  • "... in this EIC Taskforce, we have to focus on making sure our attendees, employees, partners and community are as safe as possible when we gather together."

Lorenz states, "Our collective heart in this industry is massive, and evident in countless efforts of people every hour of every day. The business events industry is blessed with millions of people uniquely suited to survive and thrive in this tough environment." Good will in this industry will continue to drive support for the return of face-to-face events.