May 29, 2020

Global Exhibitions Day Ignites LIVE Community

The exhibition industry everywhere is coming together for Global Exhibitions Day. With just under a week to go, the global day of awareness and advocacy is the most international edition yet.  Organizations and people in over 100 countries/regions are beginning to mark the 5th edition of our industry’s “big day”, making it already our biggest day of global advocacy so far. We are coming together through videos, webcast, pictures, media, social campaigns, government endorsements, and more, in a coordinated effort to share the message “exhibitions are key to rebuilding economies.”

Everyone is invited to take part on 3 June. Our founding partner UFI, along with the support of 41 partner associations, aims to unify the industry, share hope and optimism, and focus on the important role of exhibitions in reconnecting and rebuilding communities and economies for GED 2020.

Add your exhibition’s milestone moments on our memorable moments in exhibitions map, share photos of your team with the GED logo, have your say and create your own "voices of the exhibition industry" quote card, or come up with your own way to celebrate.  Find out more and get involved at