August 8, 2020

Exhibitions and Live Events Set to Reopen in Dubai

Dubai Tourism announced that the city can once again host live events, including:

  • ICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions)
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences/associations including meeting rooms, seminars, training institutes etc.
  • Award ceremonies and graduations
  • Brand sales
  • Product launches
  • Exhibition tents

Last week, Dubai launched “The Great Economic Reset Programme” in an effort to reshape the emirate’s economy.

In July, Dubai was awarded a global safety and hygiene stamp by the World Travel & Tourism Council, which shows the UAE’s commitment to reopening its tourism sector as it recovers from the coronavirus pandemic.

The WTTC, which represents private-sector travel and tourism, created the "Safe Travels" stamp to allow tourists to identify destinations and businesses around the world that have adopted the global standardised health and hygiene protocols.

The stamp provides guidance to travel providers and travellers about the new approach to health, hygiene, deep cleansing and physical distancing, in the “new normal” of a post-COVID-19 world.

Based on the Dubai Tourism guidelines, events are subject to limited capacity, so that one person has four metres around them.

Seated concerts are required to keep two seats between each group of people or solo persons, even in the VIP areas of the venue.

Staggered entry, rule for performers

Moreover, venues are required to organise a staggered entry for ticket holders, and post-event, guests should exit row-by-row via marked walkways.

Online tickets are encouraged. Those who purchase a ticket from the box office, floor markers must be in place to ensure social distancing in the queue.

Guests and staff are required to wear masks throughout. Performers are permitted to remove their mask provided that they are at least four metres away from the audience.

There should be strictly no physical interaction between performers and fans.

Some routines will have to be modified to ensure social distancing, or shortened to limit the amount of physical contact.

Markers on the floor, sanitation guidelines

For standing events, there will be markers on the floor to guide guests where to stand to ensure they maintain the correct distance from others.

Santisation guidelines are in place to ensure that a strict list of protocol for both the build-up to an event, during, and after the event has taken place.

As for food and beverage, pre-packaged food is allowed or buffet provided that social distancing is ensured. No self-service will be allowed.

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