May 18, 2020

Case Study: Learnings from KINTEX Hosting the First Exhibition Held in South Korea after COVID-19

As the Korean government shifted its months-long social distancing campaign to a more relaxed “distancing in daily life” campaign from May 6, KINTEX decided to reopen its exhibition halls for the first time since the most recent exhibition in January. Considering the timing of show in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, the PEO and KINTEX agreed to establish a thorough set of contingency measures.

Due to reduced show scale (5 halls → 2 halls) and public fear concerning the virus, many visitors were not expected to attend the show. Unexpectedly, however, more than 45,000 visitors came to the show. Exhibitors were very satisfied with the number and quality of visitors even though the number of visitors decreased from 100,000 visitors the previous year.

Read more about what measures they had in place and what lessons they learned.